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Introducing PigMints

These pigs are HUNGRY! 

Direct the mints and give these porkers what they want. Careful though! Some of them have grown accustomed to their favorite flavors, if they get sick your day at the farm is over! 

PigMints is a game of action and strategy. Touch and drag mints into the pigs mouths, and they’ll love you for it. If you don’t have the right flavor, try making it by combining two other flavors. But whatever you do, don’t make a black LIQUORICE flavored mint! These pigs hate liquorice and will scatter at the sight of it. 

 Easy and fun to learn. 
 Beat your high score. 
 Earn the hidden achievements. 
☉ Teach yourself color mixing. 
☉ Great for any age! 

So welcome to the farm, tighten your overalls, and enjoy the pig feeding frenzy. 

Available in the App Store here